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Club Vision and Code of Conduct

Birmingham Unicorns is a place where all LGBTQ+ people and their allies can come to play cricket, be themselves and socialise with others from the community. We encourage everyone to be themselves, free of judgement, giving all the opportunity to be part of a cricketing family. Unicorns is a community where you will find humour, solidarity, support, and enjoy cricket. We abide by the following principles: 

  • Unicorns play to win, always striving to be competitive, always looking to improve and continue to grow as a club.

  • Unicorns club members win and lose together, and we support each other on and off the cricket field. We will achieve success together, take wickets and make runs and take catches together, making mistakes and improving together. Ultimately, we will have fun, laugh, and cry together, building a club open to the whole community. 

  • Unicorns will strive to create environments where everyone can be themselves. We do not tolerate discrimination or bullying under any circumstances. We promote a space where you can be yourself and enjoy the company of fellow LGBTQ+ cricketers and fans. 


At the Unicorns, you will be part of a cricket community with a difference.

In addition the club principles, Birmingham Unicorns CC's code of conduct for members includes the Spirit of Cricket and general ECB Club Code of Conduct, available to view here:

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