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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to play for the Unicorns?

No, you don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to to join. Membership is open to people of any sexuality and gender, and we welcome straight allies who would like to play cricket in an inclusive, friendly environment.

Can women play for the Unicorns?

Yes, absolutely. Birmingham Unicorns is a gender inclusive club and has women, men and non-binary people as members.

Are the Unicorns trans-inclusive?

Yes, we are trans-inclusive and believe opportunities to participate in sport should be open to everyone. If you are trans and are interested in playing do get in touch, we would love for you to get involved. 

Can I join if I am a beginner or haven't played cricket in a while?

Yes, we welcome anybody who is interested in cricket. Our members include people who have played for years and people who are starting to play cricket for the first time and have played their first ever matches with the Unicorns. Equipment is available to borrow at training and matches so come along and give it a go!

How do I join?

You can find out more about becoming a playing member or social/supporting member on our Membership page and concession rates are available. Please get in touch with us to for more information and to get access to the membership form.

How do supporting and family memberships work?

If playing cricket isn’t for you but you’d like to support the club then a social or supporters membership is the perfect option. You can attend all social functions and will be kept up to date on progress. If you and anyone in your house want to be supporters then a family membership is available as well. 

When and where do the Unicorns play?

We’re currently playing friendly games at Lapworth CC's lovely ground, to the south-east of Birmingham.

When and where is training?

Training will typically be on Mondays at Valley Parkway in Weoley Hill from 6pm to 8pm. Individual training dates will be confirmed with members in advance. Please get in touch with us to confirm when the next training session is if you are planning on coming along!

Do I need to have equipment or kit?

Feel free to come along to training if you don’t have equipment. We have club equipment in the form of balls, bats and protective equipment (e.g. pads and gloves) available to borrow - this will be available at all training sessions.

The club also has a kit shop for clothing supplied by Hawk, and a Birmingham Unicorns discount code is available for equipment from Woodstock for people who have joined as members.

What about the social side?

We currently have a WhatsApp group for members which is used for organising social events and as covid restrictions ease we are hoping to run more meet-ups and events!

For any questions, get in touch with us via our Contact page.

Stylised yellow and purple image of batter playing cricket shot (Credit: Shafin Protic/Pixabay)
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